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Video advertising innovator YuMe, Inc. has issued a new report and companion infographic which correlates the frequency of online video ad exposure with brand awareness and purchase consideration.

“The study analyzed point-in-time data from Kantar Millward Brown’s MarketNorms database to quantify the average impact of frequency on brand metrics,” the firm tells us. “Results showed that, among overall norms, one video exposure is sufficient to trigger increases across all awareness metrics; however, multiple exposures garner even higher brand awareness scores.”

The report suggests that — on average — purchase intent and brand favorability require a minimum of nine ad exposures.

“As advertisers look to reach a maximum return on investment for their digital online video spend, this study helps to identify the ad frequency and ad length ‘sweet spots’ to drive purchase intent and brand favorability based on normative insights,” said Mike O’Donnell, the Senior Vice President North American Sales for YuMe.

Highlights of the study include:

  • For most brand metrics, incremental exposure to video ads can lead to higher results. Also, knowing that over-saturation can annoy audiences, consideration of both frequency maximums and minimums is important for driving effectiveness.
  • A minimum of nine exposures maximizes persuasion metrics, including purchase intent and brand favorability.
  • 30-second video ads can effectively drive purchase intent and generate higher purchase intent scores than 15-second ads.

Learn more about YuMe’s survey from the report and companion infographic here.

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