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MAW learned today that YuMe, Inc., a company known for video advertising innovation, is partnering with Nielsen to bring to market the first programmatic platform-based campaign-based audience composition measurement offering for Connected TV (CTV) campaigns.

As a result, YuMe will be able to provide clients with campaign-level audience measurement data across its vast network of app publishers within the CTV marketplace. Included will be TVs that are connected to the Internet via OTT devices, Blu-ray players, streaming boxes or sticks (like Roku and Apple TV), and gaming consoles, or which have built-in internet capabilities (Smart TVs, for example).

Recent eMarketer data suggests that connected TV users will number 202.1 million by 2020, representing 60.4 percent of the U.S. population (up from 56.1 percent in 2016).

“As the CTV market continues to grow and become a focal point in cross-screen strategies, marketers need a solution that allows them to compare audiences across all screens – and optimize their campaigns based on this crucial data,” said Michael Hudes, YuMe’s CRO. “Our relationship with Nielsen allows us to not only deepen the level of audience reporting we provide on CTV campaigns, but also align these insights across a brand’s mobile, linear TV and desktop initiatives.”

We’re told that brands that run CTV campaigns with YuMe may be eligible for audience composition reporting that offers demographic breakouts based on Nielsen’s audience data.

“Audience measurement is paramount to effective media strategies, and we’re excited to be working with YuMe to bring connected television campaign level audience measurement into the programmatic space,” said Thomas Eaton, Senior Vice President Digital Platform Client Solutions at Nielsen.

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