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YouAppi’s OneRun Platform Designed to Deter Mobile User Acquisition FraudHope springs eternal, notes the old adage. Unfortunately, so does fraud these days. Especially in the mobile space.

Because of that — and the complexity and sophistication of mobile user acquisition fraud — data experts at YouAppi want to create solutions to thwart a wide range of mobile malfeasance.

Now, reps for YouAppi, a leading mobile growth platform for premium mobile brands, tell MAW that they have “incorporated sophisticated anti-fraud measures into the OneRun Growth Marketing Platform to detect and prevent illicit activity.”

“With new mobile fraud tactics being developed daily, the mobile app ecosystem needs to take fraud prevention very seriously to safeguard customer acquisition campaigns while protecting users,” said Moshe Vaknin, the co-founder and CEO at YouAppi. “At YouAppi, we’re rolling out a new version of OneRun in order to tackle the range of mobile user acquisition fraud from multiple points.”

The cost of ad fraud (including both mobile and desktop) will rise from $7.2 billion now to at least $50 billion by 2025, according to a report by The World Federation of Advertisers, noted YouAppi spokesperson Jennifer Shambroom.

YouAppi’s OneRun Platform will now feature the following protections:

  • IP Blacklisting: YouAppi monitors IP blacklists that are updated in real-time to ensure that it’s not purchasing traffic from any blacklisted source.
  • Click Validity Analysis: Using the industry’s best practices, YouAppi’s data scientists run click validity analyses to ensure that the sources of the clicks are real people.
  • Users Multiple Clicks Analysis: YouAppi’s data scientists monitor user click patterns to detect signs of malicious downloads.
  • Hourly Install and Conversion Analysis: OneRun detects inconsistent patterns and alerts YouAppi’s data scientists to further examine that source of traffic.
  • Click-to-Install Delay Analysis: Over 90 percent of installs occur within the first four hours, so YouAppi’s data scientists use click-to-install delay analysis to screen fraudulent mobile downloads.
  • Continuous Automated App Scanning: YouAppi has developed an App Scanning Lab to monitor and test app usage patterns, downloads and installs.

“As more and more advertising budgets shift to mobile, fraud becomes more complex and sophisticated,” explained Shambroom in a statement emailed to MAW. “To address the dynamic nature of fraud, YouAppi’s data scientists are continuously adding new anti-fraud analytics tests and anti-fraud solutions to address the new mobile fraud tactics being used.”

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