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Yahoo Adds New Video Ad Formats for Advertisers and App MarketersIn an attempt to better serve today’s video-chugging consumers, Yahoo has just announced the introduction of new video ad formats.

“With native video ads, we’ve combined two of our most engaging formats so that brand content can be as compelling as video can be — (and) as beautifully integrated to the other experiences on our homepage, digital magazines and apps,” explains Prashant Fuloria on Yahoo’s blog.

Fuloria, SVP of Advertising Products at Yahoo, believes the new native video and video app-install ads really work.

“When we conducted a blind case study, we found that viewing native video ads on Yahoo increased brand favorability up to 50 percent and purchase intent up to 28 percent,” he said.

Yahoo suggests the new offerings could help marketers and developers looking to drive installs.

“We’re now offering a format that combines the engagement of video and the performance of install ads,” Fuloria explains. “Add to that formula the unmatched targeting capability of Yahoo and Flurry Persona data to reach just the right mobile users and it’s no surprise Yahoo’s app install video ads see an 89 percent completion rate, and users acquired have up to 43 percent more app sessions than average.”

Clients are being asked to contact their Yahoo or BrightRoll representatives to discuss how the new video formats might help them achieve their goals; more details are also available at

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