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XpressBuy and PocketMath Team Up On Mobile Ad Buying PlatformXpressBuy and PocketMath are now a dynamic duo — working together in a new partnership.

An Ad Commerce platform that powers buy buttons and minimizes friction for consumers to purchase from an ad at the moment of interest, XpressBuy just hooked up with PocketMath, one of the globe’s dominant self-serve mobile advertising platforms.

Brands and retailers now can access PocketMath’s self-service demand side platform (DSP) to serve XpressBuy-enabled mobile ads.

“The fact that XpressBuy lets consumers purchase directly from a mobile ad — without being redirected to the merchant’s website — will cause a definitive spike in ROI for PocketMath customers,” said Casey Grooms, co-founder of PocketMath. “The deal gives PocketMath a distinct competitive advantage when customers need to see a clearer line between ads and conversions.”

Projections from eMarketer suggest “advertisers will spend just over $100 billion to place ads on smartphones and tablets in 2016, representing half of the entire digital ad market for the first time. XpressBuy and PocketMath have the power to translate more of this spend into revenue than any other solution on the market,” the partnership announcement shared with MAW reads.

How will it work?

PocketMath helps businesses execute highly targeted marketing campaigns that connect advertisers to their ideal audiences worldwide. Powered by its in-house technology and the concept of real-time bidding (RTB), businesses can use PocketMath to buy advertising opportunities on mobile devices through the programmatic trading of ads.

For its part, XpressBuy quickly monetizes ads based on in-the moment trends and consumer desire, delivering six times the average conversion rate of traditional mobile ads.

“XpressBuy is especially effective with mobile ads because it supports a transactional pace more in line with the speed at which consumers commonly perform tasks on their smartphones,” said Murali Subbarao, XpressBuy’s CEO. “Now the world’s most popular brands and retailers can connect with buyers in moments when they’re most likely to purchase and with the technology to convert them on the spot.”

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