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Xaxis Brings Programmatic Edge to Political Advertising with ‘Xaxis Politics’The old adage that “all politics are local” could get a new test conducted by Xaxis.

The company has devised the first ad targeting solution to leverage offline voter data for reaching U.S. voters across digital channels.

Xaxis has the benefit of being the world’s largest programmatic media and technology platform. This targeted political advertising solution can also be accomplished without utilizing personally identifiable information.

“Developed with Haystaq DNA, Xaxis Politics is the first programmatic product that enables advertisers to leverage offline voter data to inform their digital campaigns,” the company tells us. “This means that political advertisers can reach their most relevant voters across display, mobile, online video, digital radio, connected TV, and social media.”

Xaxis Politics will utilize the Haystaq National Voter Database, the largest and most accurate source of U.S. voter data. Those 166 million voters will be melded into the proprietary Turbine data management platform (DMP), enabling advertisers to engage voters across a multitude of hot button issues, political affiliations, and other demographic sectors.

“Voter data is the lifeblood of political advertising, with a lengthy pedigree as the engine of successful direct voter marketing,” said Brian Gleason, the newly named global CEO of Xaxis. “By bringing this data into the digital space, we’re opening up an entirely new level of sophistication for political marketers competing to have their voices heard in a crowded and fragmented market.”

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