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Worm in the Apple? Iconic Devices Actually Drop in Market Share in Many CountriesA new report from DeviceAtlas, a respected supplier of intelligence on mobile devices, suggests that Apple lost users during the past year (Q2 2015 to Q2 2016) in 18 out of the 20 countries the company studied.

DeviceAtlas’ data analysis showed drops in the UK (down 10 percent), Germany ( down 6 percent), and the U.S. ( down 4 percent). At the same time, gains were racked up by Samsung and Huawei.

The company’s quarterly Mobile Web Intelligence Report for Q2 2016 analyzed mobile device traffic to hundreds of thousands of websites around the world.

“During Q2 2016, we saw that 4-inch phones are still very popular,” the company reports. “In Q2 2016 the 4-inch screen size was the most popular in Canada and the second most popular in France, Italy, Japan, Spain, and the UK. This popularity is likely due to the iPhone SE released in March 2016 which is now the only widely sold 4-inch device.”

Other findings note that devices using QHD resolution, including some new flagship models, show a large global share with growth focused on developed markets. Also, emerging markets get significantly less PPI (Pixels per Inch) than developed countries (possibly the trade-off between large screen size and cost effective pricing).

“This quarter’s Apple device data is especially interesting as Apple prepares for the launch of the next iteration of the iconic iPhone. Apple’s recent closure of the iAd ecosystem underlines the fact that they need to keep the focus on the hardware,” said Martin Clancy, DeviceAtlas’ Head of Marketing.

A full copy of the report can be downloaded here (PDF).

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