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Using Native Ads on Mobile? ‘Throwing Shade’ Might Be the Best ChoiceAccording to Theo Lynn, a professor of Digital Business at Dublin City University Business School in Ireland, there are a few things that suggest native advertising is living up to its billing.

Native advertising, which is a kind of advertising that has an appearance that complements the material — editorial or otherwise — around it, is more integrated and a whole lot less disruptive.

A “form of contextual advertising,” as Lynn puts it in a LinkedIn piece, native benefits from its relevance and integration into existing content.

So, why should a marketer consider native advertising? Lynn singles out five factors:

  • 53 percent of users say they are more likely to look at a native than a banner ad.
  • 85 percent of mobile users are “visually engaged” with native ads presented in the stream of content.
  • 32 percent of viewers say they would share a native ad.
  • Native mobile ads deliver 6 times the conversion rate for brands versus traditional banner ads.
  • 18 percent more (52 percent vs. 34 percent) of native ad viewers indicate purchase intent.

It’s true that some consumers view native advertising as somewhat surreptitious and sneaky.

“(Native advertising) may be perceived as stealth marketing or manipulative,” notes Lynn. “As such, highly integrated (and effective) native advertising requires targeted placement, a high fit with publication style, point of view, and voice — balanced with disclosure, quality, and an ethical process.”

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