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Sears-Lands EndThere’s nothing like the holidays to strike a final death blow to overworked appliances. More than a few families have discovered that it’s that five-thousandth batch of Christmas cookies that causes the oven to go on the fritz, or the 24/7 cycle of holiday party plates and forks that sends the dishwasher to its demise.

This week, a source at Sears told NativeMobile that the department store giant is well aware of this reality. And, as a result, the company may kick off 2015 with an aggressive marketing push for new appliances that relies heavily on visual storytelling.

After the holidays — instead of before or during — could be a time ripe for such marketing ploys.

According to our contact, a new year is good for sales at Sears, a seller of name brand appliances par excellence. It’s not just the meltdown of aging appliances, but also the “nesting” urge that follows the holidays. People want to stay home more, cook more food at home, and hunker down for the post-holiday recovery season. They want to “get their homes in order” and spend quality time in them.

So while January and February may bring ice and snow, we could also see a flurry of discount-priced appliances campaigns, promoted with native advertising.

While nothing is set in concrete yet, we understand a big push for Instagram and Facebook ads is being considered (by Sears, and maybe others).

We’ll be keeping an eye on this. From the warm and cozy confines of our homes, of course.

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