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Will Adtile Technologies' ‘FireMotion’ Be Hot Stuff for the Mobile Ad IndustryThere’s hot stuff coming — and Adtile Technologies definitely wants industry players to touch it.

The company has announced what it contends is the mobile advertising industry’s first multi-sensor mobile engagement platform.

Dubbed FireMotion, the mobile ad platform “works like a lightweight operating system, bringing motion technology to mobile advertising.”

The company’s marketing materials are clearly aiming to make the hype surrounding FireMotion a raging inferno.

How does it operate? Adtile says FireMotion’s proprietary technology allows it to accurately track a phone’s positioning and velocity — basically turning the phone into a functioning extension of the person.

As a result, “FireMotion gives advertisers a new set of creative tools to use in mobile advertising campaigns.”

So far, FireMotion results look like hot stuff, indeed. Ads using Adtile’s FireMotion show an over 30 percent engagement rate and an average of 23 seconds of participation time. Data shows CTRs as high as 6 percent, which would be one of the highest rates in the mobile advertising industry.

“People find most mobile ads are ineffective or annoyingly disruptive. That is because most of those ads are designed for desktop and don’t take advantage of the incredible sensory hardware already in smartphones,” explained Nils Forsblom, the CEO of Adtile Technologies. “My goal at Adtile is to help brands create the kind of advertising that creates human connections. I want to change the quality of mobile advertising and deliver a fully integrated approach.”

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