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What Will 2017 Bring for Digital Media? Strategy Analytics Offers Top Ten PredictionsThe new report from Strategy Analytics — “Top Ten Digital Media Predictions for 2017” — suggests some interesting trends and events that will shape OTT video, digital advertising, and VR in 2017.

“As a result of the proliferation of broadband and connected devices consumers have more choices than ever in how, when, and where they connect with music, games and video,” explained Michael Goodman, the Director of the firm’s Digital Media Strategies. “As consumer adoption of online alternatives grows the degree of disruption felt by traditional distribution models is accelerating.”

So, what might occur in 2017?

  • Brands will re-evaluate the importance of reach.
  • Beginning with the upfront, television advertising in the U.S. will start to be bought and sold based upon Total Audience Ratings.
  • Digital video will account for a larger part of ad spend, with global digital video ad spend will surpassing $20 billion in 2017.
  • While OTT video will garner the hype, traditional television will reap the rewards. In 2017, television revenues (subscription + advertising) will account for 88 percent of the $192.7B television and OTT video market in the U.S.
  • Twitter will be sold.

Want to read the report and review the other predictions? Get it all here.

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