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Madrivo Making Bold Moves in Mobile Native AdvertisingThe ad blocking crisis goes on.

The reasons are currently much-discussed, but according to Retale’s recent survey of 500 adults across the U.S. in January, 2016, the stats are remarkable.

Retale’s commissioned study — which analyzed blocker adoption on PC and mobile devices — indicates that 57 percent of those surveyed admitted to employing an ad blocker to prevent viewing display ads while on a PC.

Millennials (18-34 years of age) are even more ad blocker friendly. Fully 63 percent of surveyed millennials said they use ad blockers while on a PC.

People who are 35-54 years of age had a 57 percent probability of using ad blockers; the lowest percentage was recorded for people 55 and older (44 percent).

“Millennials are more technologically savvy,” said Pat Dermody, the president of Retale. “Not only are they seemingly more inclined to tune out display and banner ads while on a PC, they’re proactive in blocking them. Only 37 percent aren’t using some sort of ad blocker today. To more effectively connect with this group, advertisers need to focus on building relevant and engaging campaigns that reach millennials when they are ready to interact.”

The ad blocking craze extends to mobile, too.

“When asked if they use an ad blocker while on a smartphone or a tablet, 20 percent of all respondents said that they do, while the overwhelming majority (64 percent) said that they don’t,” noted Retale’s news release on the survey. “For those 18-54, the numbers were basically identical, with 21-22 percent saying they do use ad blockers on mobile devices. For those 55 and older, only 13 percent are using mobile ad blockers today.”

It’s a trend that advertisers need to take seriously, according to Dermody.

“Advertisers can’t afford to ignore mobile ad blocking,” he said. “As adoption expands, brands will need to factor these potential obstacles into their digital marketing strategy. In a separate study, we found that 60 percent of those who’ve clicked on mobile banner ads say they did so accidentally, with nearly 70 percent calling the clicks were annoying. People want to block mobile banner ads just as they’ve done with desktop ads, but the awareness around mobile ad blocking solutions and the technology itself isn’t quite there yet.”


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