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Fighting Mobile Ad Fraud AppThis Partners With Forensiq to Expose Iffy InventoryWord’s just in that Clickky, a mobile monetization and user acquisition platform, will partner with Forensiq to take responsibility for traffic quality control — in the hopes of reducing the amount of mobile ad fraud close to zero.

Forensiq is a leading anti-fraud system. Together, the firms want to wage war on what gives mobile marketers a lot of angst. The goal is to ensure that the team’s clients benefit from an additional layer of protection against wasteful and expensive bot traffic.

“Clickky works with thousands of mobile publishers on a daily basis, connecting these to the platform each day,” according to the official word from the new partners. “The platform now monitors the quality of the traffic and collects feedback from advertisers. Forensiq has enabled Clickky to reduce the time spent managing fraudulent traffic identification and improved the processes to prevent fraud.”

Vadim Rogovskiy, Clickky’s founder and CEO, believes it’s high time to win this battle.

“We believe that ensuring the quality of traffic on our platform is above all a responsibility of our company,” said Rogovskiy. “Therefore, we were in search for an effective solution that could help us identify bot traffic in real-time. Now the partnership with Forensiq affects our approach to mobile publishers, allowing us to prioritize work with high-quality partners.”

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