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When it Comes to Playboy’s Content Marketing, It’s Not Just Skin That’s InWe’ve all heard the old joke about how nobody reads Playboy magazine for the articles, so the average person couldn’t be blamed for thinking that Playboy doesn’t put a lot of effort into their online content marketing.

But they actually do and, for all intents and purposes, they do it quite well.

Take, for example, their new website that’s “safe for work.” By incorporating PG-13 content into their website, the brand was able to increase global visitors by nearly 260% in 2014, numbers that are nearly as impressive as some of the gorgeous ladies found between the pages of their magazine.

When it comes to brand acquisition on social media, Facebook is another area where Playboy has really put forth an incredible effort to deliver tailor-made content to the masses.

According to the folks at Search AMP Marketing, the company actually focuses on targeting women more than men, which seems counterintuitive until you realize that, if women are comfortable sharing information that they see online related to the brand, it’s a ‘green-light’ for the men in their lives to engage with the brand as well.

Pretty slick, Mr. Hefner.

None of this happened overnight of course. Playboy, which has been around for decades, transitioned into the mobile age gradually, remodeling their website to attract a higher class, hipper and, most importantly, younger target market.

It worked, and today Playboy has a gigantic online following. So much so that, recently, founder Hugh Hefner stated that “the magazine now carries the brand more than the brand carries the magazine”.

You go, Hef.

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