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What's the Story, Morning Glory Inneractive Launches Story 2.0 with Enhanced Mobile RTB NativeThis is a good story — a Story 2.0 kind of tale.

That’s because well-known mobile advertising technology company Inneractive has just launched “Story 2.0” to offer publishers an enhanced mobile RTB native ad solution.

“Story was created to empower mobile publishers to maximize the full potential of their properties by creating new, incremental native ad inventory that optimizes user experience and benefits from higher CPM rates customary with native and video ads respectively,” the company tells us. “For marketers, the new and enhanced native units offer an engaging, more personalized way to tell their story in the challenging mobile environment.”

What’s new? The new and improved Story provides partners with new and improved mobile native RTB offerings, an added display ad unit to the existing video ad unit, and added components for the native ad unit including icon, title, description, and call-to action.

In addition, there are increased fill rates for native requests and the ability to convert “regular” display and video units to native units in real time.

Best of all, server API integration is now supported by Story 2.0.

The company’s strategy seems to be working. Inneractive has seen record growth over the last year, announcing a 160 percent increase in net revenue from the first half of 2014 to the first half of 2015. RTB revenue is up 230 percent year-over-year and now represents approximately 40 percent of the revenue. Also, video now comprises almost 15 percent of the company’s revenue, which is up from 7 percent in 2014.

“At a time when two thirds of digital ad buyers world-wide indicated they are running or planning to run mobile native ad campaigns, Inneractive is primed to help premium publishers capitalize on the increased CPMs that come with native and now in a mobile RTB native video format,” said Offer Yehudai, the company’s president and co-founder. “Our explosive growth in the past year, especially with RTB and video, is evidence that the combination of mobile, video and native in an RTB environment will change the way we look at advertising on mobile forever.”

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