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What's Set to Skyrocket Programmatic Video Ad Revenues Across the PondProgrammatic is taking over the world — but let’s just start with a report that nails down the prospects in Europe.

A new report — Video Advertising in Europe: The Road to Programmatic Ubiquity — posits that revenues from programmatic video ads are set to surge there throughout the next five years.

Completed by IHS for video inventory management firm SpotX, this updated 2015 edition of the study was extended to several other markets across the European continent, making the findings and predictions more comprehensive.

“IHS interviewed media owners, industry bodies, agencies, technology companies, advertisers and other players, combining those insights with information from its proprietary database and third-party sources to produce forecasts through 2020,” according to eMarketer.

The informed estimates revealed that programmatic video ad revenues in Europe could reach €375 million ($498 million) in this year before spiking to €1.967 billion ($2.610 billion) by the decade’s end (that adds up to an average annual growth rate of 39.3 percent).

“This year, programmatic is expected to account for 16.8 percent of all video ad income in the region,” added eMarketer. “In 2020, an estimated 51.4 percent of video ad revenues will be generated programmatically.”

The largest Euro market, by a mile? That would be the UK.

In fact, the report noted that researchers “expect the UK to slowly close the gap [with] the US, where programmatic video will exceed 60 percent of the video market by 2019, compared to 2020 in the UK.”

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