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carousel1_bg-optimizedApsalar has launched the Apsalar Mobile Marketing Cloud, a fully integrated app attribution, measurement, user data, and audiences platform designed to help CMOs boost ROI through better customer acquisition, targeting, and remarketing.

Apsalar, a leading mobile insights and audiences company, designed the offering as a four-component suite “bringing the benefits of data-driven marketing to the burgeoning mobile app sector,” according to a statement emailed to MAW ahead of the weekend.

Capabilities of the Apsalar Mobile Marketing Cloud include:

  • Attribution Measurement: Premium attribution that measures the marketing effectiveness for partners, campaigns and creatives.
  • Business and User Analytics: Category-leading analytics tools.
  • User Data & Audience Management: Precision segmentation tools.
  • Audience Distribution: Synchronization engine to securely share audiences with mobile marketing partners for targeted efforts. while

“CMOs understand that insight without action is pointless,” explained Michael Oiknine, a cofounder of Apsalar and current CEO. “The Apsalar Mobile Marketing Cloud connects the dots between attribution/analytics and data-driven marketing through audience segmentation, management and distribution. It delivers insight AND action, so mobile marketers can achieve their business goals.”

A common use of the Apsalar Mobile Marketing Cloud will be to deliver audiences for remarketing campaigns. In fact, remarketing is the fastest growing segment of mobile app marketing. Across the Apsalar footprint, for instance, remarketing activity has increased more than 1,500 percent during the past 18 months — with gaming, retail, travel, and on-demand services being the most active categories.

“Remarketing is a media strategy in which existing app users receive tailored messages designed to encourage deeper engagement and incremental purchases,” according to the emailed statement. “Remarketing use cases include new user activation, engaging cart abandoners, driving reinstalls from users that have uninstalled apps and upsell/cross-sell. Early results show that remarketing delivers up to six times as much ROI as targeting new app prospects.”

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