Native Mobile Advertising
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The team at – a development and integration platform for the deployment of cross-device applications — knows a thing or two about product development and performance.

That’s why the company recently offered a look at three top mobile trends that should define 2016.

The first? Hybrid HTML5 development will continue to gain momentum in the enterprise arena.

“The assumption that a native app performs better than a hybrid HTML5 app is outdated, especially for enterprise apps,” a report summary shared with MAW reads. “In 2016, many more apps will be built using a HTML5 or hybrid HTML5 approach because of their much more favorable economics and time-to-market, and in the case of hybrid HTML5 apps, a much improved user experience.”

Also, enterprise mobility will “evolve from ad hoc projects to broader mobility and digitalization projects.”

“In 2015, many enterprises were looking to build their first app to help simplify and streamline their businesses,” notes the report. “While these enterprises often had multiple departments in need of apps, only one or two departments actually had successful launches. Come 2016, there’ll be significant pent-up demand as most departments will require mobile apps.”

Last but not least, the current fragmented industry will continue its consolidation into fewer, better platforms.

“Enterprises will need a more complete platform,” suggest the report authors. “Currently, there are dozens of point vendors, each offering only a piece of the required solution. Enterprises are often forced to integrate different products in order to create a complete solution for their mobile development needs.”

In 2016? Not a few vendors will either go out of business or be consolidated.