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Dishing on Apple’s Swift Despite the Name, Adoption is Slow MovingLearning to code is a booming business these days.

Now Apple is making it easier with Share Swift Playgrounds, an innovative new iPad app from Apple that the company contends makes learning to code easy. Share Swift Playgrounds is now available on the App Store.

“With Swift Playgrounds, real coding concepts are brought to life with an interactive interface that allows students and beginners to explore working with Swift, the easy-to-learn programming language from Apple used by professional developers to create world-class apps,” according to the company.

The Swift Playgrounds app is designed to be accessible for students with no previous programming experience. A beginning introduction to key coding concepts, it’s also sophisticated enough that skilled programmers can use it to experiment and express their creativity.

“Everyone should have the opportunity to learn coding, and we are excited to bring Swift Playgrounds to the next generation of programmers looking for a fun and easy way to explore key coding concepts using real code,” explained Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering. “More than 100 schools around the world have already committed to adding Swift Playgrounds to their fall curriculum, and we can’t wait to see what students create with it. “The app’s fun interactive interface brings real coding concepts to life.

Swift Playgrounds features Apple-developed programming lessons that take students through a series of challenges and puzzles to guide three on-screen characters through an immersive graphical world as they learn core coding concepts, like issuing commands, creating functions, performing loops, and using conditional code and variables.

The company says it will regularly release new standalone challenges so users can augment their skills.

Swift Playgrounds is now available today — for free — at the App Store. It is compatible with all iPad Air and iPad Pro models and iPad mini 2 and later running iOS 10.

Need more details? Click here for more information including videos, images and demos.

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