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VRADX Raises the Stakes in Movie Marketing with AR/VRThis week, VRJournal reported that VRADX – a virtual reality and augmented reality advertising network of Etoron Technologies – is rolling out what the company calls an experiential VR and AR movie marketing platform.

“The technology can create native and customizable marketing experiences based on the movie’s characters, location, and storyline without interrupting user experience,” according to the company’s marketing materials obtained by VRJrounal. “The technology offers cutting edge features that demonstrated just how VR and AR will be the future of Hollywood and movie marketing, in general.”

In essence, the report explains, VRADX’s VR and AR advertising platform enables end-to-end user experience without ever leaving the VR environment.

“Users responded to the ads with deeper involvement,” the company says. “In fact, every user interacted with at least three of L.O.R.D.-themed ads proving that ads that are native to a user’s experience get more engagement.”

Now VRADX is teaming up with some of the biggest VR developers in the world.

“Our partnership with VRADX was supposed to be a marketing experiment,” Sun Ming, the SVP of OF3D, is quoted in the report. “It turned out to be a revelation on how VR and AR advertising networks can be the venue where filmmakers and artists, in general, can fully share their art to the general public. VR and AR is the future of Hollywood.”

To keep closer tabs on all the happenings in the world of VR/AR advertising, check out VRJournal.

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