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Asia’s leading big data ad tech company — Vpon Big Data Group — has just released its “2016 APAC Mobile Programmatic Advertising Statistics and Trends Report.”

The report examines mobile insights and data on user behaviors of Greater China tourists, comparing tourist behavioral differences between away and in home country. The report also analyzes the latest ad programmatic market trends across Asia Pacific (APAC).

“In light of the strong growing momentum of tourism in APAC, this report focuses on the in-depth analysis of Japan, one of the most popular destinations in the region, and the behavior of Japan’s tourism main contributors — tourists from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong,” the VPon report summary reads. “(One discover was) that the tourists were highly connected to mobile throughout the day and they had a higher acceptance toward mobile ads during the trip, leading to a high click-through-rate (CTR) which is averagely 25 percent higher in Japan than in home regions.”

As for the trends, mobile advertising inventory has been dominated by three markets — India, Japan, and China, representing 60 percent of the total biddable inventory.

“Cross-border mobile marketing is predicted to have a strong growth in the coming decades as marketers are desperate to broaden their customer base and revenue streams, rather than solely maintain local markets,” said Victor Wu, the CEO at Vpon Big Data Group.

“Until now even when many marketers have already experienced the power of tourism gold mine in some level, most of them are fail to execute campaigns in a sustainable manner,” Wu added. “The commonly used practice, media buying on travel-related platforms, is no longer the only way to reach out the tourists.”

You can get full (and free) report here.

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