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It’s a new year and everyone is looking at the new trends and new tech that could change the ad world going forward.

One of those new trends could very well be virtual reality ad formats. In fact, a recent case study released by 360 degree and virtual reality industry pioneer Outlyer Technologies for its 360 degree and virtual reality ad solution Advrtas reveals that both mobile and desktop users find the new ad format incredibly compelling.

How compelling? “So much so that 85 percent who saw a 360 degree ad on mobile engaged with it,” according to the study. Findings were released by Outlyer on the heels of Mobile World Congress while the company was presenting at IAB Canada’s “The Business of Digital Seminar Series.”

Advrtas discovered that 360 degree ad formats can trigger 85 percent engagement on mobile and 33 percent engagement on desktop.

“The results of the study also suggest that 360 degree ads can sustain engagement as the length of time engaged with the 360 degree ad was triple that of the industry average for a video ad,” the company explains. “On mobile, consumers were able to engage with the ad by simple device movement or screen-touch and explore it in full 360 degrees – “magic window” style – in vertical and landscape formats.”

In addition to enhancing ad engagement, The Advrtas technology enables an entirely new set of metrics to be collected providing advertisers with brand and ad engagement data formerly inaccessible.

“Unique to 360 degree ad formats is the ability to interact with ads at more heightened and immersive levels,” said Outlyer Technologies CEO Robert Bruza. “When you combine this enhanced engagement with the advanced data collection points inherent with this new platform, you can begin to see how the combination of analytics and engagement can synergize to ultimately enhance the overall ad experience for consumers.”

Want to learn more about a 360 degree and virtual reality test ad campaign conducted by Advrtas? Download the complete free case study here.

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