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Virool Launches ‘InLine’ for Desktop and Mobile, Adds iOS CapabilitiesWant to reach consumers via mobile web? Virool may be just the ticket.

Word is just out that the company, one of the fastest growing video advertising platforms designed for marketers, has launched “InLine,” a new video ad unit for desktop and mobile that boasts enhanced viewability.

It’s definitely a first. InLine offers publishers an opportunity to monetize mobile traffic from iOS devices and advertisers an ability to reach consumers via mobile web.

The new InLine unit has already been snapped up by premium publishers like AdWeek, Yahoo Sports, and Disqus. In addition, Virool has selected Rubicon Project to offer programmatic buying and selling, as well as direct order automation, for the InLine video units.

“For the first time ever, advertisers and publishers are able to buy and sell into a premium, user-initiated, out-stream video format across platforms, including iOS mobile web,” the company explains. “InLine solves the problem of scarcity in premium video inventory by creating a format that embeds video natively within editorial content. With the InLine unit, publishers can dynamically embed advertiser video messages into related editorial content on desktop and mobile web.”

What are the benefits for publishers?

According to the company, the offering creates limitless video inventory without displacing standard ad units. In addition, it should help publisher sales teams monetize video beyond the current inventory on-site (and achieve higher CPMs). Last but not least, publishers can tap into Virool’s 60,000+ first-party video campaigns to provide fill for the unit.

One selling point is what Virool describes as an “unobtrusive user experience.” InLine launches when the area is viewable, plays sound only upon mouse hover, and dissolves back into the page upon completion.

“InLine solves the riddle of video inventory on mobile web,” asserts Virool’s Sonja Kristiansen. “With InLine, publishers are guaranteed best-in-class, VAST-compatible, desktop and mobile capabilities in one unified solution. We’re excited to support partners on both the supply and demand side with this exciting new ad format.”

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