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Viewability and attention metrics are major factors in the offline sales success, according to Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS).

NCS, known for boosting return on ad spend (ROAS) for the CPG industry, has been partnering with Moat to help marketers understand the relationship between viewability and attention metrics and in-store sales. Moat is an SaaS analytics and measurement company.

The initial project of the NCS Learning Lab, devoted to advancing the industry by mapping emerging themes against sales effectiveness, it enlisted Kellogg and Yahoo to help design the new initiative.

“Viewability and attention metrics, measured by Moat and others, have become a standard on which digital advertising is bought and sold and the industry is increasingly looking at ways to link these metrics to business outcomes,” the official word reads. Now, CPG brands will be able to understand how these metrics relate to ad effectiveness.”

The hope is that advertisers will be able to understand and predict the sales impact of their advertising across all media channels.

“Many advertisers now transact based on MRC standards for viewability, like the two-second standard for video,” said Andrew Feigenson, the Chief Revenue Officer at Nielsen Catalina Solutions. “To take that a step further, we’ve created the NCS Learning Lab on Viewability and Attention, and are currently working on our first project with a prestigious group of advertisers and publishers to understand which elements of context are most predictive of success in driving actual sales.”

Metrics that are being studied include AVOC (Audible and Visible on Complete), viewable time, audible time, and player size. In addition, NCS studied creative quality metrics from Ace Metrix on behalf of Kellogg to understand the relationship between creative metrics such as likability, attention, information and polarity to in-store sales.

“As we see more and more marketers transacting on viewability, time spent, and attention, they’re eager to better understand how these signals impact their businesses,” said Jonah Goodhart, the CEO and co-founder of Moat. “As an industry we are working to connect viewability and attention metrics to direct revenue impact, which will enable marketers to draw a straight line between their campaigns and business outcomes, and ultimately make smarter decisions about their investments.”

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