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vidcoinMobile is where more and more consumers are conducting their business — whether is reading the news, shopping, or watching videos.

Now mobile video technology company VIDCOIN is launching an industry first: a zero-latency solution for mobile video advertising. Fortunately for marketers, it’s also compliant with programmatic standards in the U.S. market.

“The company’s proprietary technology guarantees that mobile video ads will launch instantly in HD quality every time on mobile devices, both in app and on the mobile web, thus solving one of the industry’s most persistent problems, ad latency,” the company tells us. “The three-year-old start-up is the first-to-market with such technology and is currently in private tests with ComScore top 50 publishers to roll out zero-latency ads on their mobile sites.”

This zero-latency for video offering is called “Asynchronous Ad Serving,” which VIDCOIN has designed to easily plug into publishers’ existing ad stacks.

“Ad latency is one of the leading drivers of ad blocker adoption and for every second a video takes to load over 5 percent of a publisher’s audience is leaving the site,” explained VIDCOIN co-founder Grant Gudgel. “Latency issues have a very real impact on both user attrition and a publisher’s bottom line. We set out to build an entirely new way of serving video ads on mobile that also remains compliant with current programmatic protocols like VAST and OpenRTB.”

VIDCOIN, which maintains offices in New York and France, says it now reaches more than 300 million users per month and serves several global giants, including Coca-Cola, Samsung, and Warner Bros Pictures.

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