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Verto Analytics Mobile Gaming Report: Biggest Challenge Not Downloads, But User RetentionIt turns out that a mere 10 to 20 percent of all game downloads result in active users after 30 days.

That’s the conclusion in a new report from Verto Analytics, a single-source, cross-device audience measurement company. In its mobile gaming report — “Leveling up Your Mobile Game: Using Audience Management Data to Boost User Acquisition and Engagement” – Verto’s data goes beyond simple analysis of game downloads, offering a look into how the “fragmented, yet growing mobile game industry figures into the app ecosystem.”

The research also identifies key strategies mobile gaming companies can employ to more successfully compete for consumer attention.

“Verto’s retention and stickiness frameworks, and its behavioral segmentation models are explained with clear pointers on how gaming companies can benefit from such data,” reads the report summary shared with MAW in advance of its publication. “The report also demonstrates how in-depth demographic profiles of players, detailed usage metrics, and acquisition patterns arm game developers and publishers with valuable consumer insights and competitive intelligence, which can be utilized to develop complete, targeted strategies for success in today’s gaming marketplace.”

Depending on the mobile game, 40 to 60 percent of users drop off within the first full day post download, according to the report. Within 30 days post download, fewer than two out of every 10 successful game downloads retain users.

“Consumers are downloading and playing games on their mobile devices in staggering numbers, and the old gamer stereotypes from the days of video game consoles no longer apply. The demographics, usage patterns, and context of usage of today’s mobile gamer look quite different,” said Dr. Hannu Verkasalo, the CEO and founder of Verto Analytics. “The mobile gaming market is highly competitive, and game developers and marketers need better statistical insights to maximize monetization.”

What’s needed? For starters, better measurement analytics.

“Unlike major Internet giants, global brands and e-commerce players, mobile gaming companies are still relying on in-house analytics or third-party mobile game data, rather than using media measurement to analyze wider trends across the mobile game landscape,” Verkasalo explained.

Other highlights from the report include the observations that U.S. app users spend an incredible 1.15 billion hours each month playing games on smartphones and tablets (second only to social networking); that mobile gamers comprise 57 percent of all mobile app users; and that less than three percent of active players make in-app purchases.

The release of Verto’s mobile gaming report provides helpful insights which are highly relevant considering that mobile game revenues are predicted to reach 45 billion by 2018.

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