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Programmatic Ad Spending in UK Approaches 1bnUK marketers may be onto something — and it’s very social, indeed.

Data shows that advertisers in the UK are more than three times as likely to use social advertising to promote content than they are to use native advertising or content discovery technology.

The research comes from a survey (August, 2016) conducted by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and sponsored by Tomorrow People. It also revealed that UK marketers were more than twice as likely to use a paid method than they were traditional online banner ads.

“Search engine marketing was another paid method used by a plurality of UK marketers to promote content, as was print or other offline promotions,” reports eMarketer. “One in five respondents don’t use any paid methods to promote content.”

Other insights into the methods UK marketers prefer for distributing content include the fact that — while social channels like LinkedIn and Twitter are used to deliver content by many UK marketers — email is used a bit more.

“Some 88 percent of respondents said they use email to distribute their content, meanwhile 84 percent said they used LinkedIn and 82 percent mentioned using Twitter,” according to eMarketer.

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