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TripleLift Picks VoltDB Platform for Native Programmatic Real-Time AdvertisingMAW learned Thursday that VoltDB, an enterprise-class database that powers business-critical applications, was chosen by TripleLift to deliver precisely targeted native programmatic ads.

TripleLift is well known in native programmatic advertising. VoltDB will allow the company to deliver the advertisements at a large scale with accurate campaign pacing. VoltDB offers rapid ingest and streaming analysis of data on hundreds of thousands of concurrent connections, with round-trip latencies reduced to milliseconds.

“By ingesting, analyzing and acting on incoming data streams in real time, VoltDB enables TripleLift to deliver a true RTB (real-time bidding) auctions, striking the delicate balance between ad placements and buyer demand,” a provided statement reads.

In an era of ad saturation and some less than stellar ad formats, many people have responded by installing ad-blockers to beat back intrusive marketing. But native advertisements, which mimic editorial content, fare better.

“(Native is) driving the next wave of innovation in the digital advertising market,” according to the emailed statement. “By 2021, BI Intelligence anticipates native ad revenue will make up 74 percent of the total U.S. display ad revenue, in part due to the availability of programmatic technology that helps to scale native campaigns.”

The TripleLift plan has been to lead the way to the new advertising era with respectful, consumer-centric, native ads — for which VoltDB will be an asset.

“The VoltDB Fast Data platform has not only reduced our footprint, but provided us with the ability to meet the real-time demands of mobile ad placement while ensuring the accuracy of a growing number of transactions to keep our clients’ ad budgets and actual spend aligned, said Michael Harroun, the Head of Backend Engineering at TripleLift.”

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