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triliaNinthDecimal, a leading omni-channel audience and measurement company, now has a deal with media agency Trilia, which will receive real-time access to NinthDecimal’s audience insights and ROI measurement.

The data is culled from analysis of consumers’ real world physical behavior.

“Trilia clients can now leverage sophisticated audience targeting for direct and programmatic campaigns, ecosystem-wide offline attribution, and measurement and critical audience insights that complement existing customer data,”  the company said ahead of the weejend. “With a client roster including Dunkin Donuts, John Hancock, TJX, and other major brands, Trilia’s decision to work with NinthDecimal further underscores how physical-world data can bring marketers unique advantages in connecting their media strategy to customers’ offline behavior.”

NinthDecimal offers a unique physical-world data set that complements Trilia clients’ existing consumer data. Having ongoing access to this data will empower these brands to uncover a major “blind spot” and gain insight into what their customers are actually doing every day in the physical world.

“These understandings cultivate a full view of the customer, helping to inform content, messaging, and media strategy — and bringing even more strength to the data-driven decisions that Trilia is famous for keeping at the core of their strategy,” the Trilia team says. “Going beyond old models that address metrics like brands’ market share of exposure, the new data and insights enable Trilia to find buyers who will add incremental value for brands and to deploy omni-channel marketing strategies to reach them effectively.”

Trilia’s tactic has long been to aggregate the data and insights that allow brands to see greater success.

“Our agency is founded on the principle that combining science with ideas leads to better outcomes, and NinthDecimal’s precision and accuracy makes them the perfect data partner to drive intelligent and informed campaigns on behalf of our clients,” said Trilia President Cindy Stockwell.

The direct access to NinthDecimal’s Location Conversion Index solution means that Trilia clients can now track incremental lift in store visits, resulting from specific advertising campaigns, in real time.

“NinthDecimal’s cross-device solution provides the most accurate measurement across the entire marketing ecosystem, extending attribution across mobile web, desktop, tablets and mobile apps,” according to the company release.

Notably, NinthDecimal’s database includes more than 135 million consumers, generating more than 1.5 trillion data points per month, providing marketers with scale of data necessary to gain accurate intelligence for key strategic decisions.

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