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Tracking Via TV New Programmatic Offering Coordinates Ads that Follow Television AdvertisementsTalk about the one-two punch.

Programmatic, real-time advertising form Infectious Media has announced a new service that deploys ads on desktops and tablets “within milliseconds” of a TV ad presentation.

Pretty cool. But why do this?

“IAB industry research shows that two-thirds of online Britons frequently use the internet while watching TV and a quarter of smartphone owners look up information on their phone or tablet after seeing a TV ad,” a statement from Infectious Media explains.

It’s basically a strategy based on the recognition that people no longer just watch TV. They’re also checking their smartphones, logging in on iPads, and living in a world of multi-connectivity.

“This activity provides a clear strategic opportunity for advertisers to interact with users across devices simultaneously to extend the reach and effectiveness of their TV campaigns,” the company reasons.

The benefits? Ad campaigns synced with TV campaigns are said to result in improved brand exposure, increased conversion rates and, ultimately, a more robust return on ad spend.

For now, Infectious Media says it is already running “TV-synced” campaigns for two of its largest clients in the retail and media sectors, though no names were given. The results, however, were readily trumpeted. The company says results “have proved promising, delivering a 15 percent increase in performance for some campaigns – compared to standard programmatic campaigns that aren’t TV-synced.”

The technology includes access to 2,000 channels across 60 countries. It plugs into the commercial databases of TV slots from the channels to identify TV ads in real-time. It then identifies and works out the right time to deploy the ad, triggering the programmatic buying of online inventory.

Andy Cocker, chief operating officer and co-founder of Infectious Media, insists the platform had a big impact on consumer behavior in tests it conducted for unnamed media and retail brands earlier this year. Cocker claimed campaigns using the strategy increased performance by up to 15 percent compared to ones not synchronized with TV rollouts.

“In the lead up to Christmas, our TV synchronization capabilities offer a great way for brands to make more of their ad spends,” said Cocker. “Dual screening is especially prevalent during the festive period so using TV synchronized campaigns to influence audience purchase behavior provides brands with a vital competitive edge.”

It’s another salvo on the digital advertising battle. Marketers must meet customers where they go — and where they go, these days, is to every device they own.

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