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Trust is everything and comScore is scoring a victory for its growth with the launch of a free viewability measurement for its clients.

Viewability is a metric that allows digital media buyers and sellers to measure rates across display, video, and mobile inventory. By definition, it promotes trust and transparency in digital advertising and vastly improves cross-media comparability and analysis.

“By enabling media buyers and sellers to measure viewability at no cost, comScore Viewability increases clients’ ability to focus on deeper performance metrics, such as reach within geographic and demographic targets and lift in brand awareness, purchase intent, visitation, or product sales,” the official word reads.

The comScore Viewability offering will be globally available this summer as a free, self-service offering with baseline reporting metrics, delivered through a fully redesigned user interface.

“Viewability is critical, but for too long it has dominated industry discussion at the expense of other metrics that also really matter,” said Dan Hess, the executive vice president of products at comScore. “We think it’s time to make viewability a table stake for digital advertising, and move the market forward to a broader realm of more meaningful ad measurement across platforms.”

Industry players agree.

“IAB applauds comScore providing critical support for the digital ad industry’s viewability standard,” said Randall Rothenberg, the president and CEO of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). “It is critical that this industry stop wasting time on unproductive arguments about baseline standards and start investing time on what really matters – the strategies, ideas, and executions that move hearts, minds, and wallets.”

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