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More Than Half of Consumers Will Turn to Tablet or Smartphone First by 2018IPG Media Lab, the creative technology arm of IPG Mediabrands, has released the results of a scientific media trial examining the impact of touch-enabled advertising created with haptic technology. The trial was done in partnership with Immersion Corp.

The resulting report — “Ads You Can Feel: The New Mobile Experience” —  shares best practices, findings, and insights on leveraging users’ senses, including sight, sound, motion, and now — touch — to create visceral mobile experiences.

The study tested touch-enabled ads from a diverse industry sectors, including automotive, hospitality, and food and beverage to gauge consumer reactions to various haptic experiences.

The upshot? The study of Immersion’s haptic technology, allowing users to feel touch effects on digital devices, found that adding touch to ads increases engagement and users’ sense of connection with a brand.

“Among the most notable findings is that haptic technology elicits a strong emotional response, particularly increasing levels of happiness and excitement,” reads a provided report summary. “In the study, a standard video ad achieved happiness and excitement levels of 37 percent and 30 percent, respectively. Haptic video advertisements, or TouchSense Ads, saw upticks in both categories at 44 percent and 38 percent.”

Best of all? The haptic extras created a halo effect for brands, generating a 6 percent increase in perceptions that the brand itself is exciting because touch effects were added.

“The connection between touch and emotion is universally understood as an innate part of how people perceive the world around them,” explained Dmitry Lipkin, the senior director of global marketing at Immersion. “Using touch in ads shows advertisers how they can leverage this part of the human sensory experience.”

Leading brands from a range of industry verticals, such as BMW, Royal Caribbean, Arby’s, and Truvia participated in the innovative media trial.

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