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The First Rule of App Club: We Talk About Retargeting (Yep, It’s the Second Rule, too)Retargeting has become a marketing must-do for advertisers of apps. After the initial contact, ongoing engagement by consumers can make or break an app in the long run.

While just over 50 percent of global app marketers buy ads to retarget app users, most app marketers are only allocating a small percentage of their budget to retargeting.

That’s verified by an August 2016 poll (from Apsalar and with Thomvest) seeking insight from 146 app marketers from around the globe. One finding: more than half of respondents said they field re-engagement or retargeting campaigns for apps, but the budgets vary.

“More than a third said they allocated up to 5 percent of their total app marketing budget (to retargeting), and nearly a quarter of respondents said they allocated anywhere from six to 10 percent. Just one percent of app marketers said they allocated 31 to 50 percent, and another one percent said they allotted between 51 and 100 percent.”

“Getting discovered and downloaded is more challenging than ever, and retaining users is getting more difficult as well,” notes eMarketer. “Most apps are failing to keep mobile users interested and engaged for long. The 24 hours after an app is first used is when most users disappear. Only 24 to 29 percent of iOS users who installed an app used it again within 24 hours of their first app session.”

Bottom line: it looks like re-engaging with app users is an optional activity, but a critical one.

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