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Test Flight First Programmatic 360 Ad Campaign Launched for Hong Kong AirlinesCan a digital advertising campaign using 360-degree advertising units help Hong Kong Airlines better engage with consumers?

That idea is now being tested — for the first time in the Asia-Pacific market — via a partnership between leading advertising automation platform Kiosked, global media agency MEC, and Hong Kong Airlines.

According to the scoop from VRJournal, the airline selected ‘Kiosked 360-degree Panorama Video’ to allow audiences to better imagine themselves experiencing premium travel.

The debut will be the first programmatically run digital 360-degree offering. Initial results look promising, indeed.

“The Kiosked 360 Panorama Video ad format allows audiences to enjoy a unique brand experience via a virtual reality window that includes video ‘fly throughs’ of the business class seating and cabin of Hong Kong Airlines, the global premier airline,” a company statement notes.

To date, the ad has proven 35 times more effective than traditional display with 4.51 percent CTR to the client’s site; users have spent about nine times longer exploring content versus traditional display options.

Because of its standard size (300X250), the 360-degree Panorama solves the challenge of scaling immersive advertising campaigns on mobile. The content expands and allows intuitive user experience by tilting and rotating the handheld device, revealing all 360 degrees of the video.

“We are thrilled to be the very first advertiser to launch the 360-degree ad unit programmatically in Asia Pacific and feature our business class offering,” said Ming Chan, General Manager, Brand Centre at Hong Kong Airlines. “This innovation allows us to scale our campaign and deliver a stunning experience directly to the mobile screen of our desired audience.”

The social media possibilities are considered an extra advantage.

“Given the sheer volume of online ads audiences are exposed to, being able to deliver an engaging, interactive experience through the innovative 360-degree ad unit in addition to Facebook and YouTube is critical, we are thrilled to work with Hong Kong Airlines and Kiosked to be the industry first in Asia Pacific,” noted Antony Yiu, Head of Digital, North Asia for MEC.

Check out a Vimeo video demo here.

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