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Taykey ‘Trend Advertising’ Product Filters Inappropriate, Fake ContentBrands are bullish these days on ways to avoid placing their ads in environments with inappropriate content and “fake news.”

That’s why Taykey, a real-time audience data company, hopes to help programmatic buyers with its Trend Advertising product (via the TradeDesk and AppNexus).

“These integrations act like a “virtual” private exchange, allowing trading desks and other programmatic buyers to use Taykey’s real-time trend data to identify relevant and quality environments at scale with URL-level precision, but without the limited scale, complexity, and high cost that typically burdens traditional PMP approaches,” according to the Taykey team.

Taykey’s expanded programmatic offering was designed to handle what private exchanges currently cannot: the sheer scale as well as an ability to adapt in real-time.

How does it work? Taykey’s technology scans social networks and thousands of popular websites to understand what’s trending for specific audiences. The Trend Advertising platform then identifies hundreds of specific articles and videos directly related to trending content to maximize relevance. The platform’s sentiment detection capability also allows Taykey to exclude negative or controversial trends as an additional safety layer.

Interestingly, Taykey’s ‘Dynamic Blacklisting’ feature analyzes the sentiment of every trend and goes beyond simple exclusions to block content with negative or controversial sentiment.

“Today, programmatic buyers don’t have the right tools to pinpoint and target quality, relevant content in real-time and at significant scale,” said Amit Avner, the founder and CEO of Taykey. “With Taykey’s push into programmatic, we are continuing to deliver on our vision of enabling a Prime Time advertising experience across today’s massively fragmented media landscape.”

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