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Tapjoy Touts New Targeting Capabilities for Mobile AdvertisingOn Thursday morning, Tapjoy CEO Steve Wadsworth spoke exclusively with NativeMobile about his company’s latest endeavor.

A respected leader in mobile ad-tech and monetization, Tapjoy has just announced a strategic partnership with Experian Marketing Services designed to “unlock the power” of audience-based targeting for mobile advertising.

Wadsworth says Tapjoy is now the first performance-based mobile ad platform to use Experian’s data set to target audiences on mobile devices.

“We’ve heard from a lot of brand advertisers that one of the biggest concerns preventing them from putting more of their budgets into mobile is that they aren’t comfortable with the level of targeting options available,” Wadsworth tells NativeMobile.

“We’ve been helping alleviate those concerns in recent months with several new targeting capabilities including our exclusive audience segments, but this partnership with Experian is significant because it helps bring advertisers the same level of targeting they’ve gotten used to on having for web advertising, but now on mobile,” he continues.

According to the ad network’s marketing materials, Tapjoy reaches 450 million monthly active users and is the largest rewarded mobile ad platform in market.

“We are thrilled to partner with Experian to give mobile advertisers rich and precise targeting capabilities, allowing them to make smarter decisions about how to acquire, engage and grow more profitable customer relationships,” Wadsworth explained upon announcing the deal with Experian this morning.

Because Tapjoy will have access to Experian Marketing Services’ ConsumerView database, this gives advertisers access to any combination of demographic, behavioral and life stage information as well as category and brand preference insights for the “most precise targeting.”

“Our advertisers now have a unique and robust solution to target ads on mobile based on segmentation, desktop browsing behavior and the power of web based targeting,” Wadsworth concludes.

To learn more about Tapjoy’s expanding array of mobile ad capabilities, check them out here.

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