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Tapjoy Talks New Analytics and Marketing Automation ToolsTapjoy CEO Steve Wadsworth spoke with NativeMobile this week to discuss the ad-tech and monetization platform’s newest analytics and marketing automation tools — offerings made possible by the company’s latest acquisition.

Tapjoy confirms that it has acquired the analytics company 5Rocks.

With the acquisition, Tapjoy says it becomes the first ad-tech solution for developers to offer mobile analytics, marketing automation and ad-based monetization solutions in one SDK.

The service, we’re told, not only brings Tapjoy’s analytics and big data capabilities “up to par” with those of companies like Flurry, but surpasses them with unique features like Custom Cohort Analysis, Retargeting, A/B Testing and other bells and whistles.

All told, the integration should help developers using Tapjoy’s nGen Platform to identify their highest-value users and, correspondingly, to better target them with relevant and timely messages.

“Adding 5Rocks’ powerful analytics and marketing automation tools to the Tapjoy portfolio of services is a truly transformative deal that moves us from being not just an ad-tech company but a full-service app-tech provider, with a complete monetization, analytic and optimization technology solution for app developers,” Wadsworth explained exclusively to NativeMobile this week.

Although neither party would discuss the terms of the deal, the team at 5Rocks shares Wadworth’s enthusiasm.

“Our mission at 5Rocks has always been to enable the world’s leading mobile game developers to maximize the life-time value of their users,” explains Changsu Lee, CEO and founder of 5Rocks. “As we looked at expanding our technology we needed a leading global platform and top sales team, and it was obvious that Tapjoy was the perfect partner.”

According to Lee, the acquisition “validates our hard work and technological leadership in Korea.”

“We look forward to continuing to improve the ways app developers across the globe identify and monetize their [Tapjoy’s] high-value users,” Lee concludes in a written statement.

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