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Taking a Fresh Look Snapchat Advertisers ‘Discover’ Lower As RatesHow long can it go? We’ll see.

But for now, Snapchat has revised its price for ads in its Discover section. The new and improved cost is a lot cheaper than the price advertisers paid mere months ago.

But based on what sources tell Mobile Advertising Watch on Tuesday morning, the move by Snapchat may prove to be a smart phone. Why do we say that? Apparently, a veritable fleet of potentially interested parties are giving Snapchat a fresh look.

As of this writing, Snapchat is now charging marketers two cents per view on ads — or, $20 for every thousand views. Re/code reported last week that Snapchat billed advertisers as much as $100 per thousand views not long ago.

“Discover, which was launched in January, is a section of the app where users can watch videos or read stories from a dozen different publishers like CNN, Vice or ESPN,” the report explained. “The ads within Discover run for 10 seconds and are sandwiched between bits of publisher content as users swipe within the section.”

What does it all mean?

Probably just a leveling of prices based on supply and demand, as Discovery is relatively new and ad costs have settled into “a new normal.” And this new normal may be abnormally profitable for the red-hot social messaging platform.


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