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DashBid is pursuing its commitment to quality, transparency, and brand safety.

Case in pojnt: DashBid just announced that it is Verified by TAG (Trustworthy Accountability Group) and listed in the TAG Registry. TAG is the leading cross-industry body fighting criminal activity in the digital advertising supply chain.

“TAG verification is one of many steps DashBid has taken in the last six months to build a brand safe environment and further DashBid’s Engagement Spectrum, giving advertisers the ability to measure audience engagement in addition to standard audience segmentations, in an environment that they can trust as fraud-free,” a provided statement explains.

The verification comes on the heels of the recent appointment of Robert McNair as Brand Safety Director at the company, tasked with overseeing DashBid’s exchange to identify, assess, and remove any risks and threats.

“DashBid has a proven history of building products to improve quality and transparency,” said McNair. “Participating in the TAG Registry was the vital next step in deepening DashBid’s commitment to a safe and trusted ecosystem for programmatic advertising.”

“Over the coming months, we will extend our TAG commitment to include completing the rigorous review requirements for certifications against Fraud, Piracy, and Malware, as well as the Inventory Quality Guideline Seal,” McNair added.

TAG Registered companies have been verified as legitimate participants in the digital advertising industry through a proprietary background check and review process powered by Dun & Bradstreet and subsequent approval by TAG.

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