Native Mobile Advertising
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Taboola has inked a deal for an integration with The Trade Desk, Inc. (TTD). The collaboration will allow TTD’s global advertisers to programmatically buy premium video and native placements across the largest content discovery platform in the world, reaching 1 billion users monthly.

Taboola is a leading global discovery platform; TTD is a global technology company serving buyers of advertising.

“This partnership brings together the largest source of open web native supply on desktop and mobile with advertising campaigns from global agencies and brands,” the new team tells us. “Marketers are continuing to embrace a programmatic approach to digital marketing as the most efficient mechanism of buying inventory.”

The growth of programmatic digital ad spending remains robust. Spending for programmatic is forecasted to reach $38.5 billion across desktop, mobile, and video by 2020.

Now TTD clients will have access to Taboola’s supply of premium publisher placements. According to comScore, those placements reach 70 percent of U.S. users across mobile and desktop platforms, as well as a third of global internet users.

“Native advertising, executed programmatically, is proven to deliver a relevant, engaging and non-intrusive advertising experience for consumers,” said Joel Livesey Director of Partnerships, EMEA at The Trade Desk.

Adam Singolda, founder and CEO at Taboola, is equally upbeat about the development.

“Helping people discover things they may like and never knew existed, at the right moment, is at the heart of what we do. We aim to enable top brands to engage with their customers in an organic and invitation-based way,” Singola said. “We’re excited to work together with The Trade Desk team to expand our discovery platform to new partners and empower brands to integrate video and native content, programmatically.”

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