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Discovery platform Taboola this week announced an exclusive partnership with LiveIntent to “bring the power of tailored content recommendations into the logged-in, people based medium of the email newsletter channel.”

Key to this team-up is LiveIntent’s platform, which delivers people-based marketing to 160 million unique people every month. It’s currently the third largest logged-in environment outside of Facebook and Google, reaching 170 million (across LiveIntent’s platform, the web, and in app).

“The partnership marks the first time that LiveIntent, which currently serves over 160 million unique people who open and consume three billion email newsletters per month via 1,600 top U.S. publishers and brands, will utilize content discovery,” reads a provided joint announcement. “Together, LiveIntent and Taboola will exchange and leverage powerful anonymized data to deliver personalized communications to customers allowing advertisers to better engage with consumers.”

The goal is to reach consumers with people-focused email.

“Delivering a top notch user experience is our primary goal,” said Matt Keiser, LiveIntent founder and CEO.

The integration is an expansion of Taboola’s robust Discovery platform, making it unique in its strategic offering to editors, video teams, and product teams in a publisher’s organization and relevant to all platforms, including desktop, mobile, in-app — and now — newsletters.

“Taboola, which acts as a search engine in reverse, analyzes hundreds of real-time signals (including location, device type, referral source, social media trends, and more) to match users with content they are most likely to be interested in consuming next,” the statement concludes. “Under the partnership, Taboola will be serving a customized user experience for email campaigns. Instead of expecting people to know what to search for, relevant information and content will be surfaced to consumers within emails, at a time they are most likely to engage.”

The partnership will allow Taboola to reach its intended audience 80 percent of the time in LiveIntent’s platform.

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