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Engagement is Everything Smartphone App Retention Still ChallengingSyntonic, a mobile platform services provider, says an updated version of its sponsored data application — Freeway by Syntonic — will be made available in the coming weeks in Southeast Asia, and for the first time, provide native application support for sponsored data services.

Freeway is currently available to AT&T customers in the U.S.

“The market expansion will enable leading mobile operators the opportunity to offer subscribers in the region with free mobile access to Clash of Clans and an inaugural list of popular messaging and social media applications,” the company explains in a news release. “Freeway by Syntonic is opening new opportunities for mobile operators, app developers, and brand advertisers to reach mobile subscribers in Southeast Asia, a market with an insatiable demand for mobile content.”

Apps up first will include Clash of Clans, WhatsApp, BBM, WeChat, and Twitter — available together only in Southeast Asia.

It’s a wise move. Research indicates that sponsored data will soon be a $6 billion market opportunity in Asia and a $23 billion opportunity worldwide by 2019.

“Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia represent the world’s highest concentrations of smartphone devices as well as prepaid data plans, making it the most attractive market for sponsored data services,” according Syntonic.

Also, Freeway by Syntonic enables mobile data usage for specified applications to be paid for by someone other than the consumer, such as content providers, game publishers, advertisers, and mobile operators. This is designed to help mobile ecosystem participants acquire new customers, deepen engagement and loyalty with existing consumers, and discover new monetization models for their content.

“We believe 2016 is the year of sponsored data,” said Gary Greenbaum, co-founder and CEO, Syntonic. “Southeast Asia is emerging as the world’s largest and most active prepaid data market, and consumers have demonstrated an enormous appetite for accessing mobile content and applications. The market has all the right conditions to make significant progress in sponsored data innovations and business models.”

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