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Swish, Swish Could Native Ads Boost Mouthwash SalesPity the bottles of burning blue mouthwash. Too many are sitting on store shelves these days.

Yes, mouthwash sales are not what they used to be for some leading makers.


There are several reasons. For starters, toothpaste makers have done a fair job of selling their whitening and breath-freshening concoctions — well enough that many consumers no longer feel compelled to spend $5 bucks or more on an extra dental aid.

Then there are the warnings about mouthwashes with alcohol, whose overuse has been linked to bad outcomes, as well as admonitions that people need to preserve the good bacteria instead of kill off everything that moves.

Could native ads help? We may soon find out.

NativeMobile was very recently made privy to the proof of a forthcoming Instagram ad for a mouthwash. The ad features a girl going in for a kiss on a guy beneath the caption “Tonight could be the night. And brushing is not enough. Will you be ready?”

Nothing like fear of bad breath to stoke the embers of first love, eh?

Just so you know: brushing for two minutes twice a day and flossing between teeth daily is still the best way to keep your mouth clean. And that can pay off for your heart: Improving gum health can slow the progression of plaque buildup in your arteries, possibly because unhealthy bacteria levels contribute to harmful inflammation, according to a 2013 study in the Journal of The American Heart Association.

But we’ll stay at the sink waiting to see what comes of all this. We’re flossing.

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