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Sure, You Can Get it Up. But Can You Measure ItDigital search marketers have no problem raising their budgets, but they still can’t measure performance like they want to.

On Tuesday, NativeMobile was privy to an advance peek at a new report from gShift. This morning,  the web presence analytics software platform is publishing the results of a recent survey of more than 700 digital marketers.

Based on the data presented, the survey results show that a majority of respondents plan to increase their search marketing spend across desktops and mobile in 2015.

This will happen, however, despite the nagging and persistent fact that digital teams still struggle with measuring performance and overall results.

In terms of solid numbers, three out of four companies will likely increase 2015 search marketing budgets. Disturbingly, though, just 10 percent of respondents say they can’t measure their digital marketing efforts and investments through the entire sales funnel.

More than half of those surveyed are measuring digital marketing campaign results just by tracking leads and conversions (35 percent are simply measuring traffic and clicks).

“Measuring performance and integrating mobile strategies is an ongoing challenge for most digital marketers. With these survey findings, it is safe to say measuring performance, results and outcomes of digital marketing efforts and investments is still something all digital teams struggle with at some level,” says Krista LaRiviere, CEO of gShift. “This represents a significant opportunity for the industry to apply strategic, tactical and technical tools to measure performance and help prove the value of digital marketing investments.”

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