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A video ‘outstream’ ad format from Sublime Skinz appears to be the number one choice for online audiences.

Sublime Skinz, a leading global provider of skin-based advertising, has announced that VideoSkinz boasts performance significantly outpacing traditional pre-roll skippable video ads.

“VideoSkinz was identified by more than 80 percent of respondents as the most appealing ad unit, making it the clear winner in a study that aimed to find which digital advertising formats achieved the greatest impact in the growing video market,” the company tells us. “VideoSkinz also generated high scores for key brand metrics including ad recall, with 33 percent of respondents citing VideoSkinz as the most memorable format, in contrast to just 15 percent for skippable pre-roll.”

One finding of interest to advertisers might be that 40 percent of the consumers who completed a follow-up survey were able to quote the advertiser brand after viewing a VideoSkinz ad.  That is 2.1 times higher than those who viewed the pre-roll format. Another bright spot? VideoSkinz viewers were also 30 percent more likely to take action than the pre-roll viewers.

“With the video market expanding at a rapid rate, this research offers vital insight for brands working to harness the power of video to better engage their audiences and boost conversions,” said Jerem Febvre, the co-founder and President, Sublime Skinz Inc. “The higher ad recall and audience satisfaction that VideoSkinz can deliver make it the go-to choice for brands that want to succeed with video.”

The study results come after a busy six months for Sublime Skinz and follow the launch of two new ad formats: VideoSkinz and M-Skinz, which are used for mobile web campaigns.

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