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You may not give it much thought, but your smartphone is vulnerable to viruses. Although you probably have antivirus software installed on your computer, chances are good that you haven’t taken the same precautions with your phone. With the AVG AntiVirus app, you can easily and quickly protect your mobile from a wide range of malicious content, while also benefiting from tough and strategic security features. If you already have software installed on your phone against viruses, it’s a good time to update your antivirus now, by downloading the AVG app. Here are a few great reasons to install it on your phone.

Keeps Viruses Far Away

Smartphones are vulnerable to a wide range of harmful viruses, malware, spyware and apps, and even your phone’s settings can cause trouble if they aren’t properly scanned. The AVG AntiVirus app scans your phone’s files, apps, games and settings in real time to search out malicious content. Then, it takes steps to clean any viruses from your phone and keep your content safe.

Added Security Protects Your Privacy

If you update your antivirus now, you’ll also benefit from a range of security features aimed at keeping your content private. AVG lets you store your most private photos in an encrypted vault. It also has a way to lock sensitive apps. In addition, you can use a call and message blocker to filter out messages and calls you don’t want to receive.

Improve Chances of Recovering Your Phone

In the unfortunate event that you lose your phone, this antivirus app has features that increase your chances of finding it again. You can remotely locate your phone through Google Maps™ if it is lost or stolen. There’s also a lock screen feature that displays a lock screen message to help your phone’s locator find you.

The AVG AntiVirus app is free, and the most convenient antivirus on Google Play, and puts a protective firewall between your phone and harmful viruses. Update your antivirus now to start getting the benefits of AVG.

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