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Stay Alert: For the Mobile Consumer, Shopping Doesn’t End in DecemberA new post from Google AdWords is alerting marketers that mobile consumers are changing the traditional highs and lows of shopping.

“Mobile is making it easier to find sales and great deals, encouraging shoppers to browse during traditionally lower traffic seasons; in fact, 22 percent more mobile shoppers visited retailers via Google in the January after the holiday season, than in the October before,” notes the post.

What does it mean? Especially for several categories — like Furniture or Home & Garden — since January visits increased up to 39 percent over their October levels, advertisers will want to save some ammunition for these shoppers and start the new year off with a bang.

In fact, AdWords offers some “Optimization Tips” for key traffic-driving categories come January:

“Use click share to drive more engagement,” the post advises. “Products in top positions may see better engagement from shoppers, especially on mobile. Relevant categories are electronics, home and garden, health and beauty, vehicles and parts, and furniture.”

As for the other tips, you can review them here.

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