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SpotX Launches In-Content Video Ad Unit That Boosts ViewabilitySpotX, a video inventory management platform for publishers, just introduced a video ad unit that helps publishers easily boost video ad inventory beyond standard in-stream units.

We hear that it also lets publishers to manage all units via a single platform that works across desktop, mobile web, and mobile app.

“SpotX’s ‘In-Content Ad Unit’ allows publishers to insert video ads within content across their sites, benefiting those with shortages of video inventory,” according to the company. “The unit only plays while in view and typically appears in between paragraphs of text, making it an engaging yet non-disruptive experience for the viewer.”

Considered highly effective, in-content video ads address both inventory constraints and viewability concerns.

“Our new In-Content Ad Unit places compelling advertising content outside of the traditional video stream, enabling publishers to cater to unmet demand for more video,” said Allen Klosowski, VP of Mobile and Connected Devices at SpotX.

“Traditional print publishers, many of which offer premium brand placements for advertisers, are jumping at the opportunity to provide more video placements on their digital properties that are typically difficult to populate with enough video to support large pre-roll campaigns,” he added.

In-content video ads, sometimes referred to in the industry as out-stream video ads, are said to create new opportunities for advertisers to increase campaign performance, with several studies showing strong performance across brand recall and message retention measures.

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