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Sponsortag Launches PPC Ad recently announced that member advertisers can now run sponsored ads on the Sponsortag network and be sure of quality traffic to the advertiser’s website or organization.

Advertisements are distributed within the audience category for the web advertiser at the appropriate time and over multiple formats including in-text, interstitial, catalog, and standard text and banner adverts.

Executives at Sponsortag say self-serve campaigns allow advertisers to control their marketing by creating custom click bids, websites, keywords and time-specific targets.

There is no cost to sign up for the Network, which ostensibly is beneficial for small businesses looking for cost effective ways to generate new customers, and bid rates start as low as $0.05 per click.

Payments are assessed when a prospective customer clicks on the ad. In case you’re wondering, there are advanced fraud detection tools so that only real visitors are identified.

Lastly, we’re told that there is no limit to the number of ads or the keywords, which are attached to each ad. Various click rates can be set for each of the keywords and when there is a question about the optimal click rates, there is an optimizer tool available. Ads are displayed on the network and on publishers’ websites.

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