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Appboy Internationalization and Baidu PushAppboy is speaking our language — and yours, too, no doubt.

In recent days, Appboy’s “internationalization” has gained an enormous amount of attention as it allows marketers to “easily communicate with their customers in hundreds of languages,” the company says.

Appboy, however, already has the ability to recognize and save nearly 1,000 languages across the globe at a per-user level. But with new multilingual support, marketers can “seamlessly distribute messages that have been customized for different languages and regions.”

No more searching for translators to get it right — and even small companies can benefit.

“The ability to internationalize multi-channel messaging campaigns isn’t only essential to large brands – many small mobile-first companies have limited staff who will now be able to effectively communicate with a disproportionately large, global customer base,” ,” says Mark Ghermezian, CEO and Co-Founder of Appboy.

The need is obvious. Smartphones, for instance, have expanded marketing opportunities, but also expanded the need for communication aids. For instance, China alone added 460 million smartphones users in 2014. Its population has fewer than 1 percent of English-speaking citizens.

Appboy will now support Android push notifications in China through Baidu Cloud Push.

“Baidu, which facilitated 41 percent of China’s 23.4 billion app downloads in Q1 of 2014 and operates Baidu Cloud Push, (is) an Android push notification delivery service widely used within China,” the company explained last week.

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